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Fee Structure

Admission Fee 5500/-(One time )

Class Fee (Per Month)
Nursury to Prep 1200
I to II 1250
III 1300
IV 1350
V 1400
VI 1450
VII 1500
VIII 1550
IX 1700
X 1900
XI 2900
XII 3100

Kindly ask for FFP (Fixed Fee Portion) scheme for fee concessions

10% Fee concession on one time depositing full year's fees


Academic session period is from april to march. Admissions begins from mid march to mid may. Vacation period starts from mid may to june every year.


A dynamic commited, communicative and technicaly updated teaching staff who understand of challenges of modern education is there to take care of your child. School strickly follows rule and regulations of CBSE in their appointments and salary payment..


The school takes all the examination on the basis of continuous & comprehensive evaluation(CCE) scheme as prescribed by CBSE Board & all the promotions to next class are made through CCE only.


To familiarize the parents with their child's achievements parent teacher meetings are held regularly parent teacher association made stronger for the better growth of child.


In order to create the healthy spirit of competition among students the school the school follows zone system. There are 4 zone in the school North, South, East, East. A no. of inter zone competitions are organised.


Integrity Club has been introduced to class VI to X in order to instill twelve moral values in them, so that they would be able to grow as a good human being and a responsible citizen of the country.


Education trips being arranged to historical, geographical & scientific places to build values like discipline, tolerance, self control, confidence and duties toward society.